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Now you really need us! We offer you not just a flower product from the shelf: you open up your senses and your heart for the majesty and beauty of nature! You inhale health! You refresh your thought and sight!

About garden center

FLORA DESIGN Garden Center is situated in the city of Plovdiv, Golyamo Konarsko Shose Str.  (the exit to Sofia). Our location is accessible and convenient for the connoisseurs of decorative plants from all over the country.

Here you will find:

  • A great variety of decorative plants: trees and shrubs, ornamental grasses, roses, perennial and seasonal flowers, fruit trees and bushes;
  • Large plants that help achieve an instant effect;
  • Professional garden tools of world-famous companies "Kent&Stowe” - England and "Bellota” - Spain.
  • A great variety of modern, practical, beautiful and colourful exterior pots made with the use of new technology from recycled materials: a mixture of stone powder, wood particles and recycled plastic;
  • Coniferous mulch (pine tree bark): different fractions (large, medium and small). The pine tree bark has beautiful decorative appearance. It is primarily used in landscape design or for mulching of plants;
  • Grass mixtures, fertilizers, peat and soil mixtures;
  • Competent and attentive staff that will help you make the right choice and will advise you how to style your garden so that it will look great throughout the year;
  • Delivery, planting and arranging of plants purchased from us;